Washing rice is washing nutritious, not rice for Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

Rice sheath contains large amounts of vitamin B Rice rind contains a lot of vitamin B, vitamin B in order to reduce the loss of rice, wash rice should not be too much to pay attention to the number, time not too long, you cannot rub hard, not rinse under running water, and the water used to wash rice also should not be too high for Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento.

However, if there is moldy rice, should be more or put a small amount of baking soda scrub clean. Promote eating stew with rice or steamed rice Some areas do rice, the first big Mega boiling water, then remove and place cooked rice cage Gerry steamed rice discarded.

This is a very bad habit, not only in rice, while discarding a lot of vitamin B also thrown away, other nutrients are also affected by the loss for Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento, and thus to promote eating stew with rice or steamed rice. Avoid using alkali Meanwhile, the next burning pasta or rice porridge avoid using alkali, because vitamin B damaged by alkalis. 

The Blue Vessel is the best

Vitamin B is very soluble in water Why wash rice to the attention of so many matters it? This is because vitamin B is very soluble in water. We should to the greatest extent rice sheath retention of vitamin B, ensure the body's needs.

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