Three coups let you out of the kitchen hood of kitchen granite selection

According to expert verification, cooking fumes and cooking oil temperature has a direct relationship: When the oil heated, the main component of fumes generated caroling, it has a strong spicy flavor of the nose, eyes, throat mucous membrane there is a strong stimulus, can cause rhinitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases when oil burn "spit fire" when the oil temperature exceeds, then in addition to produce caroling of kitchen granite selection, it will also produce aggregates, leading to chronic poisoning, likely to cause respiratory and digestive cancers.

1 trick: change the "emergency fire cooking" cooking habits. Do not overheat the oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed (with pan smoke as the limit), so not only can reduce the "hood syndrome", pot dish in the vitamin can be effectively preserved.

2 strokes: best not repeated frying oil. Some housewives in order to save a little oil, fried fish, fried pork used oil re-use is not discarded of kitchen granite selection, not knowing that they also contain a lot of carcinogens. Repeated heating oil, such as multiple cooking oil used to fry foods, not only itself contains carcinogenic substances, it produces smoke containing carcinogens are also more and more dangerous.

Glass Vessel is so well

3 strokes: Be sure to do the kitchen ventilation. Kitchen keeps the natural ventilation, but also installation performance, better hoods. In the cooking process, we should always open the hood, fried vegetables 10 minutes and then finished off hood.

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