You have to start the day in a good mood from Kitchen Granite Sacramento

1, pumpkin, peeled, peeled and cut as much as possible when the point, do not have the skin left in the pumpkin.

2, peeled pumpkin slices, put the sliced fresh pumpkin bag, do not tie a knot from Kitchen Granite Sacramento, just put a little twist pocket what you can, because when the switch microwave, storage bags will naturally swell, forming a natural the steamer.

3, the package has bags of fresh pumpkin pieces in a microwave oven, medium-high heat for 3-5 minutes after turn out, after removing immersed into cold water for a while to cool down. 4, put on the chopping block glutinous rice flour, wheat flour and the reasons not to choose here is relatively sticky glutinous rice flour, pumpkin pie eating mouth made more flexible from Kitchen Granite Sacramento The pumpkin on the glutinous rice flour and mix well.

5, the glutinous rice flour with pumpkin full kneading, pinching to the left is so far. 6, the pumpkin shape into small bowl, add the condensed milk after sized inside, then sized kneading. This dessert after the pan is very nice with a little pumpkin small size, so you have to start the day in a good mood. And one bite, which the condensed milk to flow out, mixed with a touch of sweet fruit rind, is really a very pleasant.

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