Workers can have breakfast in ten minutes in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento

For many workers, the day after getting a one hour, as war-like, brush your teeth wash your face; make breakfast, especially workers with children, then this one hour more nervous.

Well, today we teach to do a popular food condensed milk pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie this road making it the biggest feature is very simple in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento, as long as 10 minutes to do a good job, and nutrient-rich, sweet and delicious. 

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Ingredients: pumpkin, condensed milk, glutinous rice flour Pumpkin selection of the time, try to use orange pumpkin, orange pumpkin because sugar is relatively high, only taste better, but also for your busy day of work is fully charged in Kitchen Cabinets Sacramento, in addition, when they try to pick pumpkin pumpkins because local Pumpkin is a long waist type, you can only buy a short, eat much less host, to avoid waste.

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