Do not wash fruits and vegetables before putting into the fridge of Hardwood kitchen cabinets

Like clean people will usually buy a good wash dishes, or even cut and placed in the refrigerator, think health preservation, need to be able to come up with, but "pay attention" approach has committed taboo food storage.

Usually there will be a layer of wax fruit surface can protect them from microbial assault, but after cleaning will destroy this layer of wax, making it easier for bacteria to enter the fruit inside, causing deterioration, cabbages if they feel it is too dirty, you can cut a little more boxing roots with soil and then Hardwood kitchen cabinets stored. 

these are birch cabinets

If it must be washed, such as water completely drained and then sealed in the refrigerator, unwashed fruit after removal from the refrigerator, but also cleaned again, as in a stored procedure, the surface may produce nitrite, which Cleaning can just get rid of it. With the edge of a spoon carved patterns, small pumpkins look came out, put some dry nuts on top embellishment. The steaming pot steams for 5 minutes.

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