There are manufacturing standards without the use of kitchen granite selection

While Restaurant can replace chopsticks packaging, but are not aware of the health situation replacement packaging, but also in the use of disposable chopsticks custody negligently of kitchen granite selection, so to disposable chopsticks is a great possibility of secondary pollution.

While industry sources, many restaurants in the input disposable chopsticks, it is usually noted that the price of chopsticks, model, ignoring whether or moldy odor, fewer people are concerned about is when the production date of kitchen granite selection, but will not ask this Batch disposable chopsticks have tested and reported to be responsible for a little more than look at the manufacturer's health permits.

The kitchen cabinet is so good

To this end, China Cuisine Association, the Ministry of Commerce will apply a few days ago on the "food and beverage companies to use disposable chopsticks," the industry standard. Related reading: Teach you identify disposable chopsticks Insiders said that once had a shelf life of chopsticks were likely to contain bacteria.

If non-disposable wooden chopsticks character appears on the spots, moisture, deformation or obvious acidity, are signs of contamination, should no longer be used. In to the restaurant for dinner, suggest pick disinfectant used repeatedly in place type chopsticks.


The home is the best choice chopsticks made from natural materials used repeatedly type chopsticks, must be washed after each use dried, and placed on end in the ventilation, but it's best to be replaced every six months.

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