Most of commercially disposable chopsticks are not marked expiration date in Hardwood kitchen cabinets

In fact, China's disposable chopsticks national mandatory standard was June 28, 2005 officially began. This standard is divided into two parts in Hardwood kitchen cabinets, including the "disposable chopsticks Part 1: Chopsticks" and "disposable chopsticks Part.

2: chopsticks" series of standards. Aimed primarily is disposable wooden chopsticks and disposable chopsticks. Standards in chopsticks inside a suitable chopsticks designated species of birch, poplar, basswood, spruce, fir, etc., while clearly defined, disposable wooden chopsticks and may not be detected bacteria, chopsticks are not allowed to have pests, corrosion and odor. As mildew proof mandatory key indicators chopsticks, chopsticks standard mandatory to less than 10% water content, while the other antifungal agent content is restricted, required to be less.

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In the production process, the standard provides that the production of disposable chopsticks is not permitted sulfur, chlorine bleach, or talcum powder polishing in Hardwood kitchen cabinets. It can be said, the state requirements for the production of disposable chopsticks is still pretty tight, even in 2006.

The further provides disposables minimum packing unit shall be indicated on product shelf life, and clearly defined, pasteurized disposable chopsticks shelf life of up to four months.

Unfortunately, the sale and use of the process, is because of the lack of a standard, leading supplier less attention in the sales chopsticks health in Hardwood kitchen cabinets, can often be seen in the wholesale market of disposable chopsticks are placed directly on the ground.

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